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  • Improve blood circulation in your male part
  • lengthen & thicken your male part
  • reduce premature ejaculation

it is the newly designed high-quality vacuum pump to enhance erection. It can increase the male part’s pressure via vacuum air exhausting. Then in the condition of vacuum pressure, the cells of corpus spongisum will expand in this condition, which will speed up blood circulation in the male parts. .Then veins expand and the blood volume increases.Thus, male part will be lengthened .Using it regularly can effectively develop an erection & lengthen and thicken your male parts.

3 valve sizes included.


This Penis Pump has been specially designed for men who want hard, large and long penis size. This penis pump is capable of providing maximum power to erection and also provides endurance in intercourse.

FUNCTION This Penis Pump

This Penis Pump is an alternative to the order. If you are not familiar with the inner order, or want something quick and quick, this penis pump is the right choice. In addition to treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, it is also proven to help men who want large penis size and have maximum tension and hardness.

Pump your penis with This Penis Pump as often as possible. You’ll be amazed at the power of this penis pump when your penis grows 1- 2 inches in few months.

You are encouraged to remove your pubic hair first so that it does not look so painful and can cause pain during the process of using this pump (no shaving is not a problem).

Take the cloth, soak in lukewarm water (do not use hot water, scald it later). Have your penis with this fabric for about 5 minutes. The goal is to increase blood flow, soften the muscles & veins of the penis.

Put the penis in the jar. The maximum pump that can be, but CAUTION! Do not get sick. Comfortable level: There is a stretching feeling but you still feel comfortable with the pressure you are using. Leave the penis in the jar for 10 minutes then releasing the pressure from the jar. Let your penis grow smaller by yourself removing the jar from your penis.

Massage your penis again as above. The purpose is to refresh your blood flow during the pumping session.

Do not forget to rinse your jar for tomorrow’s session. Because if it does not wash, the dust may stick to the jar and can cause itching on your penis later. Covering rubber should not be exposed to winds and should be oiled to avoid rupture and cracking.

Repeat this exercise session daily for 10 minutes.

Do not forget to take long measurements and gauge measurements before starting this exercise. So it’s easy for you to monitor its progress every week.


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