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Discover Your Naughty Side by Exploring My Nightmate

Welcome to My Nightmate, the best place in India to buy sex toys and products for sexual health! At My Nightmate, we’re proud to offer Indian women, men, and couples a fun, safe, and legal place to try out sex toys online and other adult sexual products to spice up their relationships.

My Nightmate is a sex-positive place where everyone is welcome. At the heart of our mission is giving women control over their sexual lives and making them feel good. We make it clear that women and couples are welcome and try to make their My Nightmate fun and inspiring. Shopping for sex toys or adult sexual products shouldn’t feel sleazy or awkward.

My Nightmate is the best sex toys store in India, and we offer premium quality products. We want to give sexuality the attention it deserves and do away with the taboos that have grown up around it. We make it easy and not scary to an adult store. This was our goal from the start. It shows in everything we do, from how we choose the products My Nightmate sells by hand to how we help customers and what we make. My Nightmate is India’s first sex toy store that makes you smile instead of cringe.

About Us

My Nightmate is India’s largest sex toys shop and online store, with a wide variety of sex toys and accessories worldwide. We have the largest selection of high-quality sex toys from various top manufacturers, including daggers, dildos, cock rings, vibrators, masturbators, bondage toys, stimulants, and lubricants.

At My Nightmate, we take quality control and inspection very seriously, ensuring that every one of our sex equipment is of the highest possible grade and performs as expected to the highest possible degree. We also inspect nearly every step of the production process to guarantee the highest quality.

In addition to our extensive catalogue of goods, we also provide a range of exclusive discounts and competitive pricing to select your preferred payment method. Our top priority is providing you with the highest quality service and goods in a safe and secure environment. We work hard to offer you the greatest online sex toys store at some of the best pricing available in the market, whether you’re looking to increase your census or add a new dimension to your sex life.

Why Choose Us


Confidentiality is crucial. Our client’s right to privacy is paramount, and we respect their wishes in every possible way. We use tried-and-true shipping methods and standard cardboard boxes to ensure your package arrives without a trace. For your protection, we never put our company name anywhere near your package or your credit card statement. When deciding whether or not to disclose a customer’s personal information with a third party, we always get prior consent from the consumer and honour any requests to delete a customer’s transactional history. We take the security of our client’s personal information very seriously, and so does our IT department.


My Nightmate is concerned with more than just selling sex toys. Our high-quality dildos, vibrators, and other adult products encourage individuals to learn more about their sexuality and to fall in love with their bodies in the privacy of their own homes, and this is just one of the many ways in which our sex tools surpass the expectations of the typical consumer. In addition to increasing mood, decreasing pain, bolstering immunity, and getting a good night’s sleep, the pleasure they bring and the orgasms they facilitate can help with stress and anxiety. Buying a sex toy can be intimidating, but our highly qualified staff is here to help you every step.


We owe outstanding gratitude to the many bloggers, knowledgeable advisors, and dedicated product testers who work tirelessly to ensure that our sexual wellness products are always improved and safe for our customers. On the other hand, the adult toy market is all about discovery, so we rely on different marketing and news outlets. Promote your business using one of these four innovative strategies: (for search engine optimisation). To remain number one in search results for सेक्स टॉयज “sex toys” is our mission. We also make it a point to read every magazine and newspaper article we can get our hands on to stay current on any developments in the market.


It’s not hard to find studies highlighting the dangers of making online sexual connections. There are a lot of scams and chargebacks in the adult marketing industry, but you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken every precaution to keep your online transactions safe.

TEAM MY Nightmate

The selection of the best team was a particularly challenging aspect. Every step of the process, from selecting designs to producing goods to writing content to testing packages to shipping them, is handled by industrious, dedicated, honest individuals. We never put our sexologists ahead of you and provide false information. Due to the importance we place on our readers’ health, and we will not knowingly provide them with any false or hazardous information.


Don’t think twice before getting in touch with us. You can always come to us with questions, concerns, or praise. New suggestions are always appreciated. We’d love to have you around regardless of whether or not you’re interested in working with us. No one pays for positive or negative feedback about our brand; whatever you read about us online is what our customers think. We are here to help you with any aspect of your purchase, including acquiring sexy product details. We welcome your business and creative input, whether you want to buy things or share new ideas.


There are always deals and discounts available on our website for our valued clients since we appreciate and value you. Please tell your friends and family about our fantastic deals.

Some of Our Incredible Sexy Products:


Among the many types of vibrators, we stock vibrators, “G-Spot” “rabbit” vibrators, “power wands,” clitoral” vibrators, “bullet” vibrators, “and many more.


Our dildos are made to order and may be customised to your specifications in size, colour, and material. Dildos come in various styles and materials, from realistic to transparent to strap-on to vibrating to jet black with a suction cup.

Toys for the Anus:

We have everything you might want to spice up your anal play, from butt plugs to anal beads and anal plug vibrators.

Toys for Bonding:

No one has a lower opinion of bondage play than the rest of us. In this safe space, you are welcome to experiment with bondage and BDSM using various implements such as whips, handcuffs, restraints, blindfolds, paddles, fetish wear,  nipple clamps, and sex kits.

Toys for Couples:

Swings, penis rings, and other sex toys for two (or more!) can be used anyplace you and your partner feel like having fun, from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen.


Cupid baby has it all if you’re looking for a water-based, silicone-based, or flavored lubricant. And lubes can increase that enjoyment by a factor of two.

Inappropriately sexual presents:

Vaginal or penile lotions or a delay spray that emphasises sex. You may find several of them at My Nightmate. You can buy them for yourself or a particular someone.

Every one of our items is constructed from materials that are in accordance with mandated norms. To avoid misleading our customers, we never change the name of an adult product, increase its price, or alter the image of the sex product. The adult industry’s business guidelines take all photographs into account.

Our Mission

Our goal is to protect fruits and vegetables from being sexually exploited and to give our fellow Indians the freedom to express their sexuality without interference from the government openly. Allow them to realise their true potential.

What Do We Believe In?

We hold that everyone should have complete control over their own body and sexuality, so long as no one else is injured.

If you share these sexual products or sentiments, we think you should be afforded the freedom to express them.

If you go with us, we will do everything we can to ensure you succeed.

We value SYNERGY and the pursuit of mutual benefit.

The saying goes, “If you give enough people what they want in life, you’ll get what you want too.” — (Zig Ziglar)


Excellent customer service is a priority here at In light of this, we promise to always provide you with our best effort in terms of customer service. Better and faster outcomes can be achieved through efficient communication. Please check our sex toys products. We frequently Asked Queries page before contacting us with any questions you may have about सेक्स टॉयज placing an order or about anything else. If you have any further questions, contact us at +91 7658-884-917.